I Like a Clean Car

Do you keep your car and boat clean?, your answer must be yes because everyone want to have their primary vehicle like car to be well maintained and clean as that’s the only companion you have in long distances and in case you go out for fishing or living in a far off land where you have to travel by mean of your boat to reach city’s main hub, then healthy and clean environment in your boat makes you feel more comfortable and fresh along your journey.

Cleaning your car and boat is an art that some of us know very well while some of us take it as a more hectic task. Well, if you are fond of cleaning your car on your own then that’s not a hard nut to crack if you have all the equipment and facilities in your garage. Cleaning the car exterior is lot more easier then cleaning the car’s interior. I will give you some tips on how to keep your car clean?

When we move to the car’s exterior then use a simple trick, buy a 1.5 liter bottle or can of coke and pour it on your windshield slowly but you must place a towel at the bottom of the windshield to protect your precious hood paint. This will remove all the bugs and dirt from your windshield and get it sparkling like crystal once again. If still you are seeing some bugs on your windshield then use a razor to wipe them off in a very efficient manner not damaging your windshield.

Use soapy water to clean all the stuck flies of your roof head while applying some car cleaning spray which you can easily buy from a market store. Now apply the spray to all of your car’s exterior body, wait for a minute or two and hen wipe it off using a white towel. It will remove all the old bumper stickers, bugs and grunge. Use of a nail polish is quite common while avoiding cracks on the window to spread or to hide scratches on the car’s exterior. Use it very efficiently as it will test your painting skills also.

Now move to the car’s interior, if you didn’t find time to go to a supermarket to buy some interior car cleaning products then don’t worry, take a bottle of vinegar and some detergent from your home and mix them according to the intensity of stains you have in the interior of your car, if there is some coffee or a chocolate stain then add more vinegar to the mixture and apply it to the stain area, wait for a min or so then wipe it off applying a warm water towel. That will get your car crystal clean. If you have jar, bottle of club soda at your home then apply it swiftly on the carpets and other areas which got filthy by some pet filth or child’s vomiting. Now in order to make your car’s interior atmosphere pleasant, place a little amount of charcoal in your car’s hidden places that will absorb all the unpleasant smelling.

Now your boat might require cleaning also? So clean it before cleaning makes no difference. Cleaning your boat is essential to make it look sound and pleasant and to protect its resale value in case you want to sell it in future. Boat cleaning is similar to car cleaning but you have to follow some more efficient techniques to make it look finest. Biminis tops, vinyl seats and your most important boat covers need a waterproof shield or protect-ant having strong UV blockers. You must polish all the metal surfaces with metal polisher spray to avoid salt erosion and to protect you boat from future corrosion. You must polish your isinglass and apply sealing on it to ensure lucidity ant to avoid yellow spots.


Applying regular upholding, your car and boat cleaning can be comparatively quick and uncomplicated. But most of us have not the same privilege of time to clean our cars and boats regularly as the life has become so fast and full of other activities that we forget all about cleaning stuff. So in that case ask for some car and boat cleaning detailers. They have all the professionalism and necessary equipments that will make your car and boat look clean and up to date for weeks. They provide mobile services to detail your car and boat. Their car and boat detailing services include repair and painting services ensuring your boat and car clean by washing exterior, shampoo interior including seats, floor carpeting, trunk area and detailing in the interiors like cleaning-up the outside wax and buffing, the cool air vents and to get that sparkling shine back on your car’s and boat exterior and engine. You can easily contact them in their operating timings on their contact numbers via cell phones. They will provide all the necessary services even at your doorsteps.