Moving to Phoenix Arizona

Hey guy’s I am back on the pros and cons of living in Phoenix Arizona where I am from originally and where I currently reside. Gosh at least a month ago, I think you specifically asked about being an artist and what that community is like and my mom’s an artist and I know back in the day she used to complain about the fact that there really wasn’t much of a scene here. We do have art galleries and whatnot and out in the Phoenix and Scottsdale areas but I wouldn’t call it a thriving community necessarily. We’re not known for that but I don’t know a whole lot about that community. So, I would encourage you to do maybe a little bit of googling on your own but you never know you know you might come out here and be fairly inspired.Phoenix Arizona

I’m going to start with the pros and start on a positive note. The winters here are very mild. I mean they’re just beautiful. We don’t get snow. We don’t even get, ok you know, actually our last winter we did get a little bit of snow but nothing where you had to like shovel it or anything like that and honestly, I think it was the first snow in decades. If you do want snow you can go up to Sedona, Flagstaff, Prescott or Payson, they all get beautiful snow and they’re only a car ride away from Phoenix.

The local food here is so good. I just love it. I really do and it’s not necessarily just Mexican food we have although I do love that as well but we do have the Fry Bread House which is the Indian frybread place that we love. We try not to go there too much because the Indian frybread tacos are calorie bombs. But I promise you they are the tastiest thing ever. So, good Indian frybread is here. We also love the Cornish Pasty Company and they’re like delicious hot pockets, basically, and you know you can get them filled with anything from like hamburger meat, cheese and onions and French fries. I think they even put them in there. Or I like the one that has chicken tikka masala in it. Postino’s is amazing. They do a killer bruschetta. They also have wine which is a big plus in my book and it’s just a really cool place to hang out as a well great place to take your friends. Oh, the Grand Orange is another place that sells amazing food. I love their pizzas, they do sort of the sourdough crust and it is really good. They have great salads, great sandwiches and they’re just a great local joint that we like to go to.

The historic district like in Canto, Willow and Arcadia they’re just really, really charming bits of history. When you go to these places, we’ve driven through we’ve walked through, it doesn’t feel like you’re in Phoenix. We one had to hire a tow truck when our car broke down. Our Tempe Tow Truck Service driver was really funny and knew all the great places in Tempe, Gilbert, Chandler and Mesa, pretty much the whole Phoenix east valley. Growing up you know, I spent most of my time in the suburbs and so it’s a lot of sprawl and you know, cookie cutter homes, not that there’s anything wrong with that but that was all I knew until my husband who grew up in central phoenix kind of showed me. There is a lot more to offer the diversity is improving. I will say that it’s improving. Again, growing up here, not that many nationalities, at least in the suburbs. Central Phoenix was a little bit better but you know that was 20 to 30 years ago. So, things have gotten better as people move from back east. You know they’re tired of the snow and so we get a lot of people from back east moving here and it helps, it really does help. Then lastly, I would say that especially on the outskirts of Phoenix, more in the suburbs your money goes pretty far and I know those areas got hit especially hard with the economy so there’s a lot available out there and you can get a lot of house for your buck now.

On to the cons, and I tried to sort of be as objective as I could as you all know we are trying to move out of Phoenix now. So, I didn’t want that to unfairly distort the view of the pros and cons of living in Phoenix, because honestly, a lot of people love it here. So, the first thing you will notice if you move here from somewhere else is that it is hot, like hot nine months out of the year (I am exaggerating, it is only four months) a hundred plus degree heat. I mean it is tragically oppressively hot, like burn your finger on the steering wheel or your thighs on your seat when you get in the car. You don’t even want to strap yourself in because the seatbelt burns you like it’s hot. Secondly, the diversity is still low, considering like I still can go a whole day and not see another person of a different nationality, like it’s I don’t want to say, it’s that bad. So, it’s not really that big a deal and of course there are areas that have more diverse people and so there are those communities, but as far as Phoenix is concerned where I am it’s bland.

The cost of living, at least in central phoenix is still relatively high. In the more charming and quaint well-to-do areas it’s expensive like I mentioned. The historic districts like Arcadia you pay for that historic charm and the proximity to just about everything. It’s a walkable area and it’s a place that a lot of people want to live so keeping that in mind most likely you’ll need a car which leads me to mass transit. Again, not that great once you get out of Phoenix so if you do need to commute you will need a car and so obviously, the gas prices and car maintenance and all that stuff goes into the mix. So anyway, with that I will bid you all adieu and I will see you in the next article about living in the desert.