The Heat is Gone and Some Trees Also

The desert monsoons are winding down and thankfully so is the humidity and heat. We have had some pretty intense storms that have knocked down some large trees and produced a lot of debris. Such is living in the valley of the sun.

These monsoon storms are good for tree businesses and landscape companies who are needed to clean up the debris and remove fallen trees and branches. It is surprising the amount of plant life in the desert and how much care is needed to maintain them. Check out the best tree service in Mesa if you need to keep your trees trimmed. That are also great at tree removal.

Nature is really resilient and adaptable to surviving in the massive heat here. The most rain I have ever seen has been here in the desert and I have lived in the pacific north west which is known for rain. When it decides the let loose here and rain it can come down so hard that visibility is not much beyond the front bumper of the car. This means that it rains so hard traffic on the freeway comes to a stop.

The winds are equally fierce during these monsoons. Trees and branches are fallen all over the area. Probably not a great idea to park your car near trees during the monsoon season here. Good chance of some damage to the car in these conditions.

Now we look forward to the long and really mild season from fall through spring. This is a time many choose to take local trips and excursions so the limousine companies do better here. There is a lot to see and this is a really spread out area.

If it wasn’t so hot here in the summer this area would become another southern California with the beautiful winter weather here. Most who have moved here from the north where there is snow say they would rather shovel sunshine any day.